Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What is a shaman?

A spiritual connection between man and nature. A bond spiritually with spirits that can hold an amazing power, a man considered to be in between men and the forces of nature. They were healers, curing sickness caused by evil spirits. They provided hunters with locations and also called animals to the hunters, also known for controlling weather, bringing success in war, and fortelling the future (Langdon, 2008). Known as medicine men, these people were translators between spirits and animals. Some being able to communicate between spirits that took animal form, or being able to enter supernatural realms to obtain answers to problems in the community. In the picture is a shaman curing a sick woman, notice his wand along with his head piece and the rest of his belongings, each serving its own unique purpose.


  1. Shamans are totally badass! They have very important jobs to these people, to be the connector of two worlds. pretty amazing, and good citation on langdon.

  2. ````````````````````````````````````````````True. I've taken an interest in shamans since my earliest experience with one. In my culture, we believe that they can enter other peoples dreams in the form of an animal.``````````````````````````````