Friday, November 6, 2009

Respect the Shaman

Shamans where the ultimate high power within their community, next to the cheif. Everyone looked to them for answers, for they where very skilled at what they did and to the extent of these things, everyone respected them. Shamans weren't just selected randomly or passed down these abilities because of their name, but most came through dreams or visions. Others were born and some recognized by the community approaching adulthood. Most are apprenticed by another shaman, retreating to nature to perform tasks, as well as assisting other shamans in curing sickness, fortelling events, and so on. Also, they acquired spiritual forces through fasting and abstinence. They where well paid compared to others, and some would travel great distances to see events in other communities and even do battle with other shamans (Langdon, 2008). Shamans where very important to their community and unlike the rest who where usually cremated upon death, shamans where buried in a box accompanied by their spiritual materials and belongings, and taken a great distance away from villages and civilization so they wouldn't be disturbed. Their remains were never tampered with out of respect and fear.

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